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Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Attention all MOMMIES with a FUPA aka MOMMY TUMMY! It's essential to understand that not all exercises are suitable for every situation. If you're dealing with diastasis recti aka the FUPA, a condition where your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, high-impact exercises like burpees are not be your best friend. Here's why:

💪🏾Pressure on Abdominal Muscles: Burpees involve intense core engagement, which can strain the already weakened abdominal muscles in diastasis recti.

💪🏾Risk of Worsening the Gap: The explosive nature of burpees can increase the gap between your rectus abdominis muscles, making the condition more pronounced.

💪🏾Pelvic Floor Concerns: Burpees can put stress on the pelvic floor, which may already be weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, potentially leading to complications.

💪🏾Alternative Exercises: Focus on diastasis-safe exercises like side planks, pelvic tilts, or modified push-ups that help rebuild your core strength without exacerbating the issue.

Let's Do It Mommies💪🏾

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