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Canned foods can be healthy!?

Most of us have a pantry full of canned foods right now during this Quarantine aka STAYCATION. Staying at home has led to many of us stocking up on non-perishable canned goods. But, if you’re not used to cooking with these items you may be clueless to what to even do with them. Well here is one healthy hack to make healthy canned food meals that the whole family can enjoy!

Make it taco night, every night. Canned foods great taco fillers! Saute some ground turkey or grilled shrimp and pair it with things like canned corn, beans, and steam up a bag of rice to go with it. If you like things spicy, you can even use some canned green chili peppers to add to your taco as well. Switch it up and skip the burrito for a mexican inspired salad or make lettuce wraps.

Make it fun by getting the whole family involved in taco night all while making a healthy canned food recipe that tastes super yummy!

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