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THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!! I'm not gonna lie this was HARD WORK. Nearly four months ago I gave birth emergency Csection to my second child our beautiful son and the recovery was challenging. I had moments of doubt if I was to ever have my strength back. Vanity was the last thing on my mind. Just moving my body and getting out of the bed by myself was a concern. I had ABSOLUTELY NO CORE STRENGTH. Then to challenge me even more I had a slight diastasis recti/aka abdominal separation which if I were to do traditional abdominal exercises would've made the AKA baby pouche stick out more. I had to REBUILD MY BODY and I did it WITHOUT DOING ONE CRUNCH. The power of the body is AMAZING. With doing my PRENATAL WORKOUT SYSTEM @mommieswhomove to set me up for success for postnatal, DEDICATION and a DAILY INVESTMENT..... I have lost 45lbs, REBUILT my core and can now do my favorite jump squats. MOMMA IS FELLING LIKE HERSELF AGAIN. Sidenote every morning 7am before the rest of the house is up....its just me and my workout buddy in the background. He is my #hypeman . He watches me on television and smiles if I exercise to my own brand #nadyiablakemoreempowermentfitness. Click link to set yourself up for SUCCESS ↘️

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You are AWESOME!!💪🏾❤️❤️❤️


Omggggggg wow i'm incredibly astonished, bubbling over with excitement & inspired by your ah-mazing accomplishment gurl!!! (Hands up in the air wavin') I'm ready to collab and get my bod right and tight during this safer at home 💪❤❤❤ #GetitRightGetitTight #fitnessquarantine #mommyblogger

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