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Tried and True

I chose my weapons like I was going into battle after giving birth to my second child. With a 50lb weight gain (YIKES) I had to be strategic with my workout. People asked me how I did it!!! I will tell you my secret. With knowledge, I know muscle burns fat. So I grabbed my heavy weights and got to work. First I stayed active throughout my pregnancy with my prenatal/postnatal workout system Mommies Who Move to set me up for success after childbirth. I would simultaneously do cardio and strength training together with ankle weights and wrists weights to burn that fat fast!!! Plus I would drink a gallon of water daily to speed up metabolism and cleanse my body. I didn't starve myself because I was nursing and I don't believe in that method for weight loss. I don''t miss ANY meals. But I exercise 6 days a week daily at 7am to bun calories throughout the day. I'm dedicated to my health and wellness and I want to help you in anyway that I can. So I put together a list of items that I absolutely love and swear by. Click the links below and get started on creating your home gym. I will be adding more items from time to time if I think they will be beneficial in your fitness journey. Enjoy!


(all items tried and true to help with weight loss journey)

Belly Binder

Motivational Gallon

Booty Bands

Dumbell Set

Ankle/Wrists Weights ( you can always go heavier)

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